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Do we already have one of these in this group?

if not... LETS DO IT AGAIN!

Tell me about yourself, but more specifically:

1. What is it you like to do yourself?

2. how long have you been into DIY?

3. Is there anything you'd like to learn how to do? (home decor, building, cooking, learn how to play an instrument, record and album etc)

4. Who or What inspires you?

and please be like 98% serious and keep this appropriate, don't be like:
1. I DIY your mom

2. I've been doing your mom since i was 18. 

3. I'd like to learn how to become more flexible so i can enjoy doing your mom in more positions.

4.  your mom. 


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1: Everything I can. Car/home repairs, clothing, hair. I can even dress myself in the morning most days!

2: All my life. Not really by choice, kinda hard to avoid when you grow up being the son of the town handy-man in Flint.

3: I've been wanting to go to school to become a certified under-water-welder (which, to me , comes up 3rd as most manly job in the world, only falling behind fire-fighter and coal miner).

4: Uhh nothing. Doin stuff myself to me seems about as normal as washing your own car.

I wanted to make a "your mom" joke but I'm drawing a blank. I'll be back.

Underwater Welder?! thats really fucking cool!
where do you go to get certified for something like that? 

I guess i should also introduce myself. 

My name is Boogle :D
1. I mainly focus on apparel, however I am handy with other things like carpentry. I can also knit. :P

2. 13 or 14 years old i started modifying my own clothes. 

3. things i'd like to learn:

a. make sewing patterns
b. tailoring
c. Jewelry making
d. gardening
e. cooking (canning, making bread, etc.)
f. I'd also like to extend my crafts to home decor. 

4. My grandfather - he is the only person besides myself in my family who is an artist. I never met him because he passed before I was born. 
Famous Costume Designers like Susan Hilferty, Colleen Atwood, Eiko Ishioka. 

And the feeling i get when i create something and become more independent. 


In all seriouslyness, I live in florida, there's quite a few places!

Your grandad sounds pretty rad. You've seen his artwork?


i love them ^_^

scuba diving is great, I got certified when I was 12. You're going to see a lot of really cool shit! It really is a another world down there. 

I've seen some of his stuff. my grandmother really likes birds and there are two drawings of his that she kept of birds (i need to steal the one in her bedroom so i can get it tattooed). I also found his sketch book when i was in middle school and used to LOVE flipping through it. however after my parents moved i think its lost in a box somewhere. :/

but yeah I like to think he was pretty awesome. My grandmother gave me a lot of his art supplies and he left behind a really nice acoustic guitar and a BANJO. :D 

1 - Sleep

2 - 7 seconds

3 - Conquer the world

4 - Noise... and your mom.

1) Mostly modding clothes and accessories etc but I also do just random shit like taping paper to my guitar as 'stickers'

2) I've always liked making shizz but I only really got into diy proper throughout the last year

3) I'd love to just be neater with the stuff I do so it looks less crappy and half arsed, I'd also like to be able to record music on tape equipment

4) Music inspires me, and the fashions of the musicians I like stuff like that, also my honorary girlfriend she gave me the confidence and inspiration to do textiles

1. I'm kind of a quilt maker. but i like to keep it simple and fun, i'm nowhere near as good as my great grandma was. i've been sewing since i was 5. didn't use a sewing machine til 14. been doing this since. I also like formulating my own haircolor and coming up with new ideas and seeing if i inspire anyone else or if it takes off. I also have embroidered patches for my favorite jean jacket which i will post sometime. it is a rolling stones patch, the typical tongue lips thingy. I also scrapbook and do photography and also know how to develop black and white film

2. my whole life i guess. but i've changed as the years went on. I wanted to be a fashion designer at 13, changed to a rockstar now im a cosmetologist and a musician

3.I need to learn how to cook! i can bake pretty well but if i try to cook i can burn/ruin whatever it is!

4. Im just creative and get bored and end up with random hobbies. winter especially is good for quilting because theres nothing to do and i fukn hate snow anyway!

Hey everyone and have a wonderfull Day!

So mee... hehe, shall we be serious? ;-)

1) Everything I can get my hands on.... exept you`re Mom! (I´m sorry, but I just had to write that ^^) I especcaly enjoy sewing, writing, home and garden decor, cooking, painting and all. I´m just trying me out with natural resources and secend-hand clothing.

2) All my live I guss... Most of my first memories are of painting walls and furniter or tryinng to knot pices of cloth as dresses for my dolls (I did had "normal" clothers for them, but I kinda never seemed to like them as much)

3) I´d like to learn about jewelery and working with wood... but I´d love to try out everything new! 

4) Live... yeah, well I know that one´s old but there is so much stuff that inspires me, it woud take day´s to write it all down... beside I don´t now about most ;-) But let´s at least start this... Music, Nature, People ( I love to just sit around and watch them... the way they move, talk, dress and act) Painitings (I LOVE Mark Rhydens Work),....

1. draw, hang out on the internet, and paint

2. 4 or 5 years (I'm not very good at the punk stuff though, [i.e. vests, leather] I just design and sew a lot of my own clothes)

3. I want to learn how to make zines and play drums

4. Somaly Mam (activist), Poly Styrene (artist), and Kathleen Hanna (artist)


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