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I figured in a DIY Group there'd be pictures of people's DIY projects.

Here's ,ine, I just started a little while ago, still working.

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I just thought i'd share tis' idea for ye' would be pleat-ers and such, its a diy way tae iron without an iron, it makes sewing certain stuff easier

get a frying pan or even a fuckin pot, put it on teh stove/oven/or if your bear grills, on your fire, while your waiting for it get a towel/rag something thats of the consistancy of such, remember not something that melts, prefferable no wool, coton works just fuckin shiney, i just use a towl, anyhow, get it damp, not soaked completely cause then itll get the thing you iron wet, just damp enough to make steam and not burn
put it on whatever ye wanna iron, remember its a good idea to have a dry town under it, just incase and for a lil more absorbtioun of steam, and then put the pan on top the wet town
ending in a steam pressed/ironed whatever
remember, dont iron without something over it cause it could burn melt, etc, it your like my ironing from the inside is a good idea, that way if it gets to got or gets that shiny smoth thing going its only on teh inside where no one sees it
just thought someone might find tis useful
Just finished up putting studs in a leather belt, and popped a few more studs into the ol jacket, still haven't mustered up the nuts to paint the back. (Still need to finalize a design)

just be patient for a rivet by rivet
I discovered the fantastic thing that is fabric paint with a thin tip applicator so you can control detail a few years ago so I customize a lot of my stuff with random pieces and make all my own patches.
*beginning of a sweatshirt for a friend who handed me a list of bands and a sweatshirt 'saying put these on here.'

*One of my favorite works...

*Old pictures of my metal/grind sweatshirt which is now a vest. Few patches have been ripped off and many more added on.

*Rotten Sound shirt

Well my vest has certainly come a far way. All I have left to do is stud it really, I got it autographed by Big D and Nathan Maxwell

there is a whole album on my page of shit i've made. 


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