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I'm hoping we can all post links to our tutorials here! That way if we ever need to learn how to do something or we have any newbies we can direct them here :D

and by all of us sharing maybe some of us can pick up new projects or a new technique on how to get the job done. 

Also if anyone is looking for a tutorial on how to do something and needs help, Just post in here! and we (meaning me, because I'm not positive about others) will help you find it! 

This is a good site with some How-To's:

Stencil Database:

How to Screen Print:

How-to Screenprint, Threadbanger

I know i have more, I'll have to hunt them down when i have more time though :]

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This doesn't just stop at apparel, feel free to post anything that you've found helpful (hair, cooking, home decor, bicycle help, musical instruments etc.) 


are you going to post a tutorial of how to meat spin or are you saying you'd like to learn how to spin your meat?

idk, my bff Jill?


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