Mohawks Rock

Are you a postgraduate student (master or doctorate) and you have a cool hawk, or a non standard way to express yourself?

What has been the reaction of your profs, colleagues, or classmates...? Have you ever faced any 'funky' situation? ... or maybe social discrimination? I'm curious about your experience!

It will be interesting if you mention few details, like your education level, background, field, age...


Happy 2011!

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I am not a student, and haven't been for while.  I do have a masters degree in mechanical engineering.  I generally don't get much flack about the mohawk.
Well I'm working on getting to my masters, but I have had many comments on my hair. Sometimes people think they're being clever when they ask me what point I'm trying to make or what cause I'm fighting for. Though I love those questions, they ask them hypothetically as if to make a joke. But when I answer with a well spoken and thought out answer, they are often taken aback. Haha, other than those few, I've also gotten many compliments.
Hey, just joined.  I'm a 43 yo punk who just finished my undergrad in psychology (BA).  I was set to start the ms in mental health counseling, but the freakin GRE was a stumbling block.  I've had my 'hawk for the past 5 years, and most people really like it , but I'm sure there are some who don' that I say go shag yourself. lol  I do start post-baccalaureate classes this fall.


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