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as long as you have the basics down,you need to start educating yourselves learn the truth(about everything) learn how not to rely on petty people and think for yourslves develop opinoins of ur own!

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thats cool ass shit,phiolosophy is what i'm going to school for soon.
yes indeed it is. it is philosophy that brings me to still retain my belief in a higher power. Atheism is all well and good but I retain that I am agnostic because there are better philosophical arguments that support it. A lot but not all of the atheist arguments I have read have tried to mathematically prove god doesn't exist and for me that doesn't work because the study of mathematics only applies to earth and sense based principles and of course the study of math much like religion was invented by human beings and thus not really applicable when explaining something that obviously exists on another plane of being than our own universe. But what I am getting at is that no one told me to believe that. I went out and read up on it from various points of view and formed my own opinions. Everyone in or out of an educational institution should always be doing that with every facet of their lives. It is the only way we can become truly knowlegeable about the world around us.

Don't mean to offend any atheists out there as I totally respect that line of thinking providing the atheist isn't a dogmatic asshole, it is at that point that they become no better than a religious zealot: arrogant, dogmatic, stubborn, and ignorant to the beliefs and views of others.
When I talk about god i seperate the idea of god from religion (yes it can be done just think about it). I don't care about finding proof that a religious god exists, but to me there is enough logic to suggest that there is or are at least some sort of god, creator, energy, force whatever you want to call it.
I know that this doesn't have much to do with the topic at hand; I just use it as an example of finding your own personal truth, don't let a church, school, or even Richard Dawkins tell you what to believe consider any and all points you can hear and then form your own belief system.
thank this ignorant cunt on a ramble for this,not the brightest i the bunch i suppose...
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NOW...i didnt want to do this cause of the people who actually get my point,
and have an opinon for or against MY POINT
and not this over anylisis of be telling you not to believe everything they teach the masses,and look further into what you learn not through others opinions but your own studies,so they can be and go with me here YOUR OPINIONS!
but hey maybe you cunts on your periods(or menepause w.e)
have fun being ignorant if you'd like


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