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What's one really cool thing you learned today/ this week?


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Many times people are surprisingly nice and supportive. We just have to overcome our shyness and open ourselves to the others.

That I'm an awful Christmas Shopper and, no matter how well I know you, will probably return empty-handed.

I also learned that true happiness lies in the "Beer & Burger" offer at the pub.

That it really hurts when someone steps on your boob. Also sometimes playing a simple card game can erupt into a lot of violence.

Bahaha that's very true!

My sister broke her finger playing Slap Jack

I can be really evil to people that i cant beat up and keep pursuing being a bitch to me and on top of me having a bad week.


so when she was off pitty fucking my friend i got her purse and put super glue in and shut her nail polishes and rubbed all her makeup and alll three chapsticks on my assholio:)


revenge was sweet

Remind me never to leave my chapsticks around you.


so i guess i learned , im still evil and here i thought i turned good. and dont fuck with me especially when i cant fight ya:P

I've learned how to work in groups and how to communicate better.


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