Mohawks Rock

Where do you work? What it like? Does your mohawk get along with the people you work with?

If you don't have a job, where have you applied? Or been completely rejected from?

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Lol u work in a bong shop? awesome!!!!
I have my own company, so the mohawk is obviously not a problem; and a lot of our clients actually think my mohawk looks cool!
Right now I work from home, yay, so awesome. I have a contract with a phonebook ad company, so I design ads, or update text and get paid pretty good, but sporadically. I also design random posters, logo, etc. Just did a menu for a local Italian restaurant. Most of my clients never see me and I think the ones that do just figure I'm an eccentric (but talented) artist/designer. :D I was really surprised because my bosses are older god-fearing ladies and they think my hair is cute and one said she wished she had the guts to do fun colors.

I used to do daycare at my church and had lots of different colored hair, no mohawk then, but I don't think it would have been a problem. The kids thought it was great I was like a crayon, and the parents respected the fact that I made there 3-5 year olds behave, lol. The preacher said his favorite Easter Sunday was when I was a usher and my hair matched my dress, haha. Very cool people there.

I worked at Burger King (shudders) in college because they had the most flexible schedule. I had bright red hair at one time and pink highlights. My boss didn't like it, but we were in a college town, so it wasn't really an issue. Got more grief over not taking out my piercings ( I just covered them with a bandaid when the one boss that gave me crap was there).

Worked at a bookstore for a while. I only had red hair then, but we had a guy dye his green and blue. He did more truck than anything, but he also stocked. I don't think it was a big deal.
I'm a union roofer L 4,,and basically every freaking body in the construction biz almost looks the same lol,there are alot of guys my age(32) with mowhawks mullets and just plain long hair in a ponytail and almost everyone has tatts out the ass we are a bunch of rockers bikers and old rugged drunks,lol my career is awesome because it goes perfect with my lifestyle,lol listen to rock all day then have a beer at lunch ''if or when the foreman leaves ofcorse'' but depending on who's the foreman he might join us or even spark up a joint!! I kidd u not lol
I work at Smoothie King now.
i'm a janitor. kinda sucks. I wouldnt think they would care since i clean when everyone is gone, but i'm still not supposed to put it up. I usually have it up all day until i work in the evening though.
Coldstone creamery. I'm supposed to wear a hat or visor (I don't) so I can't put my hair up. I hate my job. My boss is ok but he sucks at his job, so I end up getting shit from customers when they find out we're out of stock of a shitload of things. Tha pay is shit and the wrist problems are shittier. Don't ever apply to a coldstone. Instead make friends with a worker and they'll give you free shit. I know I do. If a punk comes in wanting something, I surprise them and give it to them for free.

I work for local community services as a prevention worker/trainer and volunteer as a issues here!


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