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Hey guys and dolls... I'm new to MohawksRock and haven't yet posted anything. But I am now, because I'm curious as to how many of you are religious head shavers... I am; I shave the sides and back of my head every day. With a razor, not just clippers. How many of you do this?

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I have mine down to the skin, and i shave once every 3 days or so. but heck yes with the razor man, only way to do it.

Im sloppy as hell with it. I shave once every when ever I feel like it.

I generally make sure it's at least clipped down as far as possible every few days, but i only really razor it if I'm going out somewhere and want to show off my head tatt haha :)

I think im lazier then most.

for religion or you do it religiously?


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