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hey guys im new here. i see this is the hardcore punx section. where you guys from??

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im from colorado were you from bro???...yea last night i just trashed a shit load of cars it was sick lol
haha nice dude! im from az. fuckin boring as shit though. no scene in the city i live in. but yea what part of colorado you in?
bonez way to fuckn go man FUCK THE RICH BRO
fuckn a man! Fuck em all dude
dude im so fuckin pissed. i had to desicrate the hawk by cutting it... i needed a job so bad. my car isnt gonna fix itself you know? but im regrowing it and not giving a fuck what people say next time its there to stay
fuckn a man. dude if they dont like how ya look FUCK EM...FUCK EM ALL MAN
Im from winfield missouri, absolutly no other punks, than me and a couple of my friends.
wwhhats the fuck sup bros....wwaht ya been the fuck up to
oi lads


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