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hardcore? ska? old skool? anarchist? what is it?

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well i dont have a style styles are for fascist pigs sorry bro not trying to up set any one its just being a punk once was that you were your own person weather it was of ska or anarchist punk but now people not only have turned punk into a fucking style but every mother fucker out there thinks that thay are punk cause thay were a fuck vest with stud hahaah you could be the fucking president and be a fucking punk its a mind set some times i think that people these days cant even handle freedom like thay do know if some one was given real freedom thay wouldn't no what the fuck to do with it
well bro to my point lol i up hold no style
hah well i didnt really mean it like that. i totally understand what you mean. i kinda ment more style of music.
all of the above. cheers motherfuckers! punx up.
lol i know bro i was venting cause people these days just try to hard lol no offence tords you bro just all those tools that say there punk and dont know the true meaning lol
punks not about a style dude its about a state of mind u could dress like fucking hilary clinton as long as u got the right set of mind then u can call yourself a true punk
fucking true man. however i hate when people say oh your just wearing a uniform (when you dress punk). you know its just this is what i lvoe wearing and im comfortable with it you know? i fucking hate hypocrites that nag at you when you stand for something and if you slip once their all over you, but yet they stand for nothing. people are so fucking dumb.
yeah all my clothes are torn up and patched and shit so i "dress punk" every day. but i am too fuckin poor to buy new clothes lol so when my shit tears i just patch it up again.
im an hardcore white trash if you gotta give me a style and punk for us in my piece of land means Poor United Neo Kaos wich means we all started poor were united and newly chaotics i always love to put ruckus all around ,open squats with my crowbar,wash car window for booze ,raise funds for shows and the kind of music you listen doesnt affect the fact youre punk i translated punk by revolted people a long time ago anyways im in ska punk rock hardcore metal antifeminist rap anyways pm my piece of land there are a couple of styles the twinky(posers),the real (anarchy and chaos) and the pussies (anarchy and peace),the nowheres , the fuckin emos(even if they dont really exist for me)
yea im not really poor but im definitly broke. i dont live in a city though i live in residential area so theres no squats or anything, but i still dont judge that you have to do that kind of shit to be a punk. in my opinion just being yourself, following your beliefs, and living your fuckin life makes you a punk. but shit man, im tryin to get outta here asap, im sick and tired of yuppies everywhere, im surrounded by mormons, and bigots, i just wanna get into a big city or something. but yea, id say if i had to classify whatever im definitly hardcore and ska/reggae, even though those two can be polar opposites, i love aspects of both. intensity of hardcore, but chillness of ska
i wear what ever the fuck express my feelings about my music, my views on polotics, and whatever hte fuck i can afford
Hardcore there songs have great meanings especially black flag. My war and i can't decide i strongly favor.


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