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mine is either from serbia when a camera team where following me i was alone and the sun was burning they where laufghing and did not understand macedonian english or serbian not even the cursing so after an hour the buss came got a discount but still ghaa.
other one is from this weekend hitchiking in Macedonia with a latvian muscle packet and a french silly singer well after 10 hours in sun and storm we still havent killed each other but the word hitchiking make us feel sick for the moment and we will not do it again untill next week.

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The worst hitch hike for me was when I almost got raped, and that shit still bugs me to this day. I've only hitch-hiked a few times since then, but I just don't trust any mother fucker. Especially since I'm drunk 6/8th of the time.
my worst hitchhike definately has to be while i was trying to get back from a gig in manchester so a good five hour journey by car, i had no money whatsoever so thought i'd hitchhike along a section of motorway until i came to a town smaller and friendlier more likely to help out someone down on their luck, after about an hour or trapsing the hard shoulder and being sketchy as shit whenever a truck went past a proper gary boy car turned up full of really loud mouth wannabe gangsters they seemed okish at first and i was fed up with walking so i hopped in, they subsequently spent half an hour having a go about hair and telling me to get a job, i sat quiet as needed the ride, soon one hit me and ended up in a massive fistfight in the backseat of some blokes corsa! i tried hitting back and got one of them a couple of times but before i knew it i was tossed out of car at around 30 miles an hour on a roundabout, thank god for leather jacket or i'd of been grazed up bad....
and sorry to hear about near-rape, must be dodgier hitchhiking as a girl..
Tuck an Roll!

Yeah, shit happens though. For once in my life I had a stroke of luck.


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