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so I'm bored as fuck....and thought u kno wtomarrow is the perfect day for our little group here so....

what I wanna know is what u guys did for valentines day

I got my bf an Anti -flag shirt and a bunch of patches and he got me a necklace ( I"m expecting more lmao)

see if u can beat mine XP

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fucking nothing. thats what, FTW.


lmao hey it works XP

i drank

drank some more

popped a few pillzies

and drank justa wee more

and smoked cigarettes of course


mr. lame ass

are lame for doing pills cuz I know ur so much better than that

i got a new wedding set, because i broke my finger a while back ago and had to get my old ones cut off.
oh well at least you got a new set lol


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