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well it sounds to me then some of us are alone here is because males and females just aren't into the punk scene and they are afraid to be different and try new things. so its up to us or they need to be inspired to be different and try new things maybe then they wont be sooo judgemental!!!!!!!!

most people seem to be. and i dont understand why they are.
alls i need is a good guy whos funny,smart,likes havin a good time,mohawk ovcourse,and makes punk shit for me:P haha jk at least help me with it if they want cuz i struggle a bit with it, they like bike rides,being outside,adventurous, sensitive. they dont have to fit all these things but they can fit some.

im not the type of person to go out there and say hey these are my expectations BE EM!
thats just a bitch move on my part but if thats how you roll then thats coolio.

it really doesnt make much sense to me on why people arent open and nice.
some punks are scared to talk to anyone whos not like them...
another thing i dont understand.

but yeah... <333

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I totally agree, I try to be sweet and nice to everyone, and really all I want in a guy is that he's nice :) I think I found my guy.....but idk, I have shit with them, but fuck it, I'll give it my best shot :)

but yeah, ur Unbelievably right, in my opinion
awws thank yous. yeah i speak my mind as best as i can :)
awww tell me how it goes!!!
same same i wish u the best!!!
I hella hope u find her dude :)
well................I just fuckin suck now.........
well ok, so I had this fuckin narly bite on my arm, and it caused me to getr really sick and go into this mini comma and I dont remember shit..........and that includes phill I guess
hmm... I like punk music and diy clothes yet i don't feel the need to have someone exactly like me. Don't get me wrong, i like similarities but i prize intelligence over appearences. I don't have a mohawk I am a hardcore sharp skin. My pictures are old but i had hair at one time lol.
Here's what I want:
a girl who accepts me for who i am (both good and bad things)

a girl who completes me (when i'm down she picks me up and vice versa etc.)

a girl who at least can appreciate that i like what i like and not try to change my tastes/interests (too many conventional women i have been with have tried this and failed miserably. men and women are not "projects" they are human beings) If i am with her that means i wouldnt change her at all.

a girl who is smart and a good listener not necessarily college educated (i could care less) just able to have civil discussions about important things (not who you like and dislike in high school/ work/ the mall etc.) and not act like a child if i disagree (people are different thats why we are called individuals). She can sit me down shut me up and tell me five interesting things i don't already know.

a girl to share comfortable silences with (if you've seen pulp fiction you know what I mean lol)

a girl to do nothing with ("nothing's only fun when you're there" -Milo Auckerman)

a girl who is honest to even a vulgar extent. I believe if you ask for an honest opinion you should get one even if you hate the answer. I love honesty.

Also, and this is just a suggestion, no guy wants to be compared to a girl's ex bf or Edward Cullen for that matter. Do not take this as I hate you for reading Twilight, just understand the point I'm trying to make.

I know I ask the impossible lol no one is like this in real life but one day I hope to find one who is close.

A little about me:
I have old school manners (its not sexist, i'm just trying to be respectful) I open doors for ladies, I try not to swear (at least not loudly) near little children, on a date i sit down only after she does and i stand when she excuses herself. I know not really "punk rock" its just how I am. It doesn't bother me if my girl is crude though its actually kind of nice.

I am pretty laid back and I am not easily offended, I smoke and drink but I don't really care for drugs. Sex is fun and I don't see why people think its taboo to talk about it, sometimes its more interesting than hearing about your latest scar when you fell off your skateboard.

I am the singer/songwriter for my band State of Revenge. They are my lil bro and the closest and best friends I have.
I used to be in a celt punk band called Hennessey Bridge Fight Club, we didnt go very far but hey we got to open for Flatfoot 56. They're really swell guys.

Tattoos are awesome (I only have one right now but there are many more in my future). Girls with tats and piercings are the shit.

I go to college where I study physics.

thats about it i suppose...
oh I totally agree, some one exactly like me, would be boring as fuck
yeah but i believe that certain similarities should exist to ensure compatibility.


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