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Post your cat pics here! =)

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She's called Jasmine, and she choose to live with us from a neighbour. Probably 'cause her brother used to chase her. She's around 18 years old now, and she's a talkative, friendly cat to anyone. Mmm...did I just describe my cat or her owner? heh heh Ah, well...

wow 18!
I've got 2 so far lol
Havoc and Bruce :) Both girls lol. Bruce is named so because she looks insanely like a bat when she pulls her ears back. So she was named Bruce 'BatCat' Wayne. Well, that's my 2nd excuse for naming my female cat after Bruce Dickinson lol
Bruce is the black/brownish one and Havoc's the brown/white stripe-ee one.

And yes, Sometimes I wonder if they are lesbians :)
They've got amazing patterned eyes! Cute, the last pic. =)
I love cat's eyes and any chance I can get photographs of cat's near windows with natural sunlight hitting them I take advantage of it lol resulting in way to many pictures of my cats. Bruce is really camera shy though and it's hard to get a good photo to show her real colors. She normally just looks black.

My boyfriend's cat has absolutely stunning eyes too. Her name's Shayla.
The white one's his sisters and his name is Spaz. Spaz has amazing pale blue eyes, sadly that picture doesn't do them justice.
Unusually soulfull eyes on the white one. Looks very laid back. =)
Lol well, I got lucky and caught him when he was trying to sleep. His name sure isn't spaz for no reason.
This is one of my four cats...His name is Bj!!!!!!!!!!!
Awe, he's lovely!
Awe, he was lovely. Sorry for your loss. :|

my baby Tank! 17lb short hair tabby
Love the curly tongue and that face! XD


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