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Does anybody else steal most of their buzzes? Any tips/advice? Or would you rather pay full price?

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get a job at a bottling plant if there's one by you, always easy to steal a good amount of wine and beer if you work at one. (from experience) otherwise, I got nothin. in this economy liqour stores watch people like a hawk, and they got mirrors and cameras all over the place.

good luck
Thats an IDEA. I always go to grocery stores I know I can steal from. Theres cameras on the beer, but they reallly watch the hard stuff. Either way I'm walkin out with something
i usually lift shit....can go into a convience store an lift a 24 ozer of steel reserve or some other shit easily....sometimes if im wearin jncos with big ass pockets u can lift a quart......only 1 time was almost caught an the fucker fuckn follwed me for miles...but i lost him fuckn asshole small stores aint got camaras...i always watch the fuckn front by the registers an also look behind the glass doors where the brew is to be sure no ones in there...then lift it an put in my jacket or ass pocket an walk the fuck out
I've got quite a few friends at microbrewies so they're always bringing home free beer. Lucky for me the local Safeways for some reson didn't put cameras and shit in the beer aisle so I just slip it into my leather jacket and that hasn't failed me in two years. Due to my age my thoughts have been on getting beer since I can't pay for it


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