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Lets share our favorite fire experience shall we
Mine's me redneck half brother's bonfires
ond anything where there's a boom

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One of the best fire related stories I have is from one of my birthdays, my friends had all decided to go and take a walk and my buddy Kendrick, who's a total fuckin' nutter was with them, as they were walking down my street they were all having a smoke and Kendrick saw some wierd bucket of sorts and decided he needed to kick, after he did though, whatever was in the bucket splashed everywhere including all over Kendrick, but he didn't think about it as he decided to light up his ciggarette and accidentally set himself on fire, the bucket had been filled with paint or some other highly flameable substance and his arms and chest were on fire, and instead of freaking out he just looked down at his body curiously, and said.....O.o " Shit....I'm on fire..." so he then slowly, taking his time layed down and rolled on the ground for a few seconds like a retarded snake until the flames went out. I'm surprised he didn't set his giant ass fro on fire, but he turned out just fine


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