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Opinions? When I first heard it on there page... thought it was terrible (yes I'm one of those annoying die hard Let's Go fans) but it's really grown on me...even Last One to Die.

Oh and did anyone know that Booker T played organ on all the ska tracks... awsome!!

ps.Is that a green spiderweb scalp tattoo I see on Tim in the Last One to Die vid clip?

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i like the new album. the songs are diverse and carry some good messages with them. exept last one to die. its a good song. but its so cocky "were rancid were so punk were the last punk band around" which isnt true. but overall a good album. i had heard about the tattoo on tims head before but hadnt seen it until the video for last one to die
I'm kind of an odd duck and love hearing accoustic punk, that being said, I listened to the accoustic version first and was instantly in love. I'm good with their sound evolving, if I want to hear "let's Go" I'll put it in, but really, Tim sounds like Tim, Lars sounds like Lars, and who can argue with giving Matt more vocals? And about being cocky, they have a right to put out a song like that with all the crap the've put up with over the years from the people they're pointing it at, they aren't talking about every punk band that's ever been out there...


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