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Last night was the first night of this leg of the current Rancid tour. Tickets were $30 each, we counted down for 3 months from purchase of tix just for a 45 min. set. (I am not a Rise Against fan) I just feel like we all got ripped and that Rise Against (or the powers that be on this tour) are disrespectfull and flat out stupid to keep Rancid's set so short. (oh yeah, we left after 40 min. of RA and they were still playing when we walked by another almost hour later.

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that sucks im seeing them on july 26th
I've heard like two of his songs..Red Flag and Fallen Leaves...pretty hign pitched
does rancid play only there new album ?
DUDE. I. KNOW. I couldn't fucking beleive it either! Rise Against sucks major ass, but I'll prolly still be paying $40 bucks to go see Rancid and Billy Talent. And, like its been said, leave while bad talking Rise Against.

To answer Brain V: Billy Talent is a Canadian punk band whose acctually pretty good. They have kind-of a fast meledy punk feel to them, with some vicious vocals (but they deffinetly are NOT hardcore). You can do what I allways do when I'm going to see a band I know nothing about, skip over to and search 'em. Their biggest song (and my favorite) is probably Red Flag. Also see, Falling Leaves, River Below, and anything with a cool title ;)
No prob
They will be in Vegas on the thirteenth and i going just for Rancid also. It is a sad day in Punk music history when an oldschool punk band who happens to be one of the greatest gets to open for a band who sounds like every other band these days and that aren't even punk. They are more emo faggots than punk. Fuck RA they should be opening for Rancid. pitiful...
Sounds like the same set they played in Seattle. I was walking through my school yesterday and some kid asked me if I was at the RA show. I said yeah and asked him if he was a rancid fan he said "No, I just sat in the back and waited for them to get over."

The only logical thing to assume is that both bands are trying to cross over to new (sort of) similair audiances, but I doubt on any success with that!
Shit, I hope the one I'm going to isn't like that..... Do you guys think its worth the 40 I might be paying to go see them? They seem to be getting near the end of their touring career, but if its that weak, I may just skip it.
If you didn't cach them last year I would go this time arround, but I would hope for them to tour as the headliner soon because this is NOT the kind of show to promote a new album.
I really hope they DO headline a tour soon, because it looks like I'm not going to be able to make the show, anyway :(
hopefully the show in nyc is better lol hopefully rise against catch the swine flu
Seen Billy Talent and Rancid Friday night. It was obvious when rise against took the stage that Rancid had played down its music and show so as not to upstage Rise Against. Rancid still kicked ass. I stayed for 2 rise against songs.. Rise against and the rich frat kids that showed up to see them made me puke.


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