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Last night was the first night of this leg of the current Rancid tour. Tickets were $30 each, we counted down for 3 months from purchase of tix just for a 45 min. set. (I am not a Rise Against fan) I just feel like we all got ripped and that Rise Against (or the powers that be on this tour) are disrespectfull and flat out stupid to keep Rancid's set so short. (oh yeah, we left after 40 min. of RA and they were still playing when we walked by another almost hour later.

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Yay! Support local music!
Rancid was great, they played songs from lets go and out come the wolves and only like 2 of their new album, billy talent wasnt as bad as i thought they were gunna be. and we left right after rancid.
you're fucking kidding me right?
no shit its fucked up. I dont dig on RA but the point is that RANCID is a fenominal band starting their own record label, clothing company, and style of music. and for them to OPEN for a meer born again straight-edge, vegan douche band is beyond me. I really wanted to c RANCID bad wen they came around but i will never pay to see RANCID open for ne1 unless if the Ramones and Sex Pistols came back from the grave n did a world tour.


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