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So, I don't actually have any tats YET, but I joined this group because A. I think they're awesome and I still wanna figure out what I wanna get yet, and B. I started a project for my Anthropology class on Tattoos in American culture, granted considering this is due TOMORROW I should've done this earlier lol but still if you can help that would be amazing and I would really appreciate it. So I'm just going to ask you guys if you can to put up some pics of your tats (if you can, if not that's cool, also you don't have to list all of them just a few will be fine) and then answer a few questions based on that tattoo/tattoos. Here are the questions, so just post some pictures and the answers and I will be forever grateful. But do so ASAP if you want to help, I present this TOMORROW... Here are the questions...


1.) What does your tattoo stand for? (What does it mean, or symbolize? Is there any deeper, or personal meaning to it? Is it a literal interpretation? A way to express something you feel?)


2.) When did you get the tattoo? (How old were you? Did your age/the time in your life have anything to do with the tattoo? Was there any special occasion or reason you got the tattoo when you did?)


3.) Why did you get the tattoo? (Was it an act of rebellion? Just for fun? A drunken mistake? Did you just want to show your love for something or express how you feel about something? Why did you decide to get a tattoo and make it permanent?)


4.) Do you have any regrets/thoughts/wishes about your tattoo? (Do you wish you'd never gotten it? Gotten it done better? Put in a different place? Regret putting someones name or image on your skin? Do you think you will regret it later in life? Do you think you will like it as much as you do 20 years from now?)


5.) What does your tattoo mean to you? (Other than what it stands for what does your tattoo symbolize to you personally, is there a story behind your tattoo? Or perhaps a memory? Did you want to commemorate something, honor it, or make sure you never forget? What significance does it hold to you, your personality, and your life?)




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