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Lets face it, there's so many places to get inked, pricked, cut, branded or whatever you are into. Some are good and some are not good depending on the experience that one gets. I've had a fair share of experiences from getting tattooed to know what to look for and what not to look for in a shop. Cleanliness, polite attitude, willing to work with the clients and above all a passion to wanna work on the tattoo in general.

So this is the discussion for you to get involved with. Being a client and never stepping foot into a studio is very scary. What I wanna get rolling is the nature of shop discipline. Is it clean? Is it safe? Is it a place you would feel comfortable returning to? These are a few of the things you must ask yourself sometimes. Others are more common sense based but those are the main issues to go with.

So the question is this: Is the studio good? Name off the studio you locally attend and explain why you go back. Give the rumors you hear, the feedback of service, the experience in a nutshell. Curious minds need to know this.

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Devil's Own Leicester, I know the guy who owns it and he's a fantastic artist (he did most of my sister's tattoos) and I trust him down to the ground.

It was a bit dear to get my lip done and I could of got it cheaper else where but I know that in Devil's Own I can go back if anything goes wrong and they'll try and fix it. It didn't hurt and the girl was very polite and chatty but not over talkative.

It was very clean and things were done properly, things were thrown away or put striaght into sterolization

I'm going on a training course (not with Devil's Own) and soon will be trained up on piercing people, i can't wait
Cold Steel in Camden, London

I only let them come near me with a needle now.
Brilliant guys and gal :]
It is the ONLY piercing studio in Camden that had recognised qualifications.
APP certified?
Same with ours. Don't let anyone else near me with a hollow needle
So i help out at a shop called classic tatto in upland california it is the cleanest shop in the i.e. and whenever a customer comes in i greet them and if they want a large piece they talk to an artist then (granted one is availiblw) and draw it up. Then i set them up an appointment to come back. We have many return customers i think because of the cleanlines and positive attitude. We joke around with customers and make them feel at home. So if anyone in so cal is lookin to get a tatto or piercing let me know.
the olny place APP certified in nj is a plaqce in hawthorne

pleasureable piercings

i go there from the 1st time on. i had got my belly button done elsewhere before i knew about them, and it sucked, the experience4 was awful.. so when i found out about Pleasurable Piercings i went there for all the rest, and i'll keep going there. they are very nice and helpful, and nonjudgemental. the piercers are really nice, and will help u get exactly what u want, even if u wanna do something original. they'll talk it through with you, see what u want, and then help u get there. and once u've got what u want they'll help u with any issues that might come up and with all ur questions about healing, migrating, aftercare, u name it. they even make custom jewery!!!!!
i reccomend Pleasurable Piercings to anyone looking for a good experience.

next door to them is Silk City Tatoo
i haven t gone in, yet, i really needd to ask them about a couple tats i want, but i always feel like i'll be interupting them if i anna talk, but i've heard only great things about them. u can look at the're artists work online. just google silk city tatoo, they have a myspace, and all the tat artists are featured so u can see who does what, and all. if u've been there lemme know how it was. the piece i want is gunna be a big piece, so i needto know, theres no fixing big pieces. w lil ones u can usually go over em if u cangned ur mind or something. idk
oh, sorry, i forgot Pleasureable is really clean, they are suuper poilte too.
i think its awesome, when they mark u they give u the pen they used, so no one else gets touched by it, that rally makes me feel comphy, that even the pen only touches me, and i feel really great in their hands. its like a big giant welcoming clean saftey net. thats what they r. theyre great. thye have little biohazard baggies every room, and u can watch them wash thier hands, and then glove up, theyre careful not to touch anything once gloved, and theyre careful even if u touvh where ur getting done, theyre re-wash it to be safe. adn they are always glad to hear how the healing went, and especially if your happy with it.


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