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all my piercings have been fine other than getting my septum done.... fucking was like dying a bit haha. They clipped the bottom of the cartalidge in my nose, and my eyes were watering like a motherfucker. so painful. Healed fine, sits great and its one of, if not my favourite piercing. so il allow 1 bad experience out of 20.haha
Hmm I've had 20 piercings, 5 tattoos, and 1 brand so far. Piercing wise the most memorable sets were my clavicles and my high nostrils. The clavicles took forever and ended up uneven. The high nostrils made my eyes water sooooo bad. I looked like I had been crying for hours, it was funny and the guy still wanted a pic for his portfolio!
The weirdest tattoo experience I had was my most recent, a Koi that goes from my hip bone to mid thigh. I had an appointment on a Sunday(shop was closed, artist came in special) but about 5 people came in to watch. So there I am with my pants around my knees and being watched for 5 hours(1st sitting).
whats branding like compared to tattooing?

ive always been curious about it :)

i grew up on a farm where we branded our cattle n it never seemed 2 hurt em that much.. they just get a bit of shock n lick it for a few weeks lol
WOAH! 20 piercings!?!? haha iv only got 9 ^_^

iv got 24mm stretched ears (almost an inch), 2nd holes at 4mm :D, 2 up top of my left ear, vertical snakebites!!, and my tounge ;)

my left side hates me much more than my right side.. it just always get more sore n infected n stuffz :( but meh its all worth it!! :D

gonna get my half-sleeves soon! hav2 look into scalpeled surface piercings! does anyone know anything about em? im gonna hav proper rings thru the septums of my tattooed creatures! :D


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