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first tat should it be black stars on my nuckles or a werewolf bat on my back shoulder?

the guy is asking 30$ an hour he's kinda un pro but he still does some good work i just think nuckles mite me really painfull for my first tat....

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Truthfully, it's your choice.  And if the guy is not a professional, then I'd really look into what he knows.  Is he clean?  Does he maintain a sanitary work station?  Is it outta the house?  Honestly, I'm not a fan of scratchers since I've seen and fixed enough to fuel my rage on them.  And most of them were pretty scarred and infected to the point where there were no ways to save it.  Just giving you some friendly advice.  Be sure you know who's doing something to your body.

Everybody wears a star tattoo... I hate them, I prefer original, personal tattoos, that have meanings or something. Think about it, dont do a tattoo just because you want one as soon as possible.. It lasts for a life. I already have 2, but planning on more, I'm young, I have enough time.. :D And yes, be aware of beginners. But not all of them bad, my first tattoo was made by a non-professional actor for  nearly 22$, but its really nice. The 2nd tattoo was made by a professional, for nearly 70$ (in my country, thats a lot of money, the average salary is about 480-500$, and I am still a student.) I promised myself I never go to a beginner tattooer again, the professionals are better, more ecperience, and better machines and ink.

id go for the werewolf  an fuck yea...make sure the fucker that inks u nos what hes doin and has a passion for tattoo work.  once u get started u will get me an it will rock ya.  but dont go with stars  everyone gets em...make your first tat have fuckn great meaning

so my husband does tattoos you should go with the bat on your shoulder if you put tattoos in visable places you should make sure your set in your job and place in life it is very hard to get work with visible tattoos, unless your lucky and liv in l.a. or n.y. =) and 30 dollars an hour is pretty cheap there is a saying in the tattoo community that goes.....Good tattoos arn't cheap,,And cheap tattoos aint good =)  I would look at his portfolio and see if you like some of the other work he has done Remember even tho its not permenant anymore its very very expensive to remove them ...hope this helps lol

oh yeah and make sure evreything is CLEAN!!! aids hepatitis last for life too.......

my husband says a good tattoo artist know what he's worth this is his words k unless your butt naked and hot your dont want a thirty dollar an hour artist =)


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