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Interestingly enough, I've been going through the bulletins on the main page and saw one about a member wanting to get a tattoo. Reading through there were some that said "make sure it's something meaningful." Others say it doesn't have to be meaningful. It can be just cause. So as people who have experienced their time under the machine, what are your beliefs towards the whole "meaningful" tattoo? Do you have meaning behind yours? Or are they out of the fact that you wanted to feed your need for some ink?

As it goes for me, unless you have some good way of removing a tattoo (i.e a laser removal machine at your disposal) then I would say take a lot of time to think about what you want. Meaning isn't really the main concern to me. It's all about if you go down the road five to ten years lets say and go, "Ya know, this probably wasn't the best of choices for a tattoo." A lot of my tattoos are done for the sheer fact that I designed them out that way so I was satisfied with them. No regrets. No downright doubt. Just was made sure it was I who did them. That's all I cared about.

What about the rest of you lot?

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as i stated on posty about tattoos erlier i really dont think they have to be meaningful at all. none of mine mean anything in particular, just images that i like. I had my first tattoo at 16 and i dont regret any of them.
for example, i have the word 'Tomorrow' tattoos under my forearm. Why? Because my sisters ex was a tattooist, and when he had his machine over ours he asked if i wanted anything done, i said yes but had no idea what. so for no particular reason we came up with 'tomorrow' in pirate font. and i LOVE it! no meaning but the image it beautiful. Same as all my others.
"my tattoos are done for the sheer fact that I designed them out that way so I was satisfied with them. No regrets. No downright doubt. Just was made sure it was I who did them. That's all I cared about."

..that is exactly my way. I already have many drawn out on paper all I need now is for them to be drawn on my skin. It makes me feel more better to see some work or a piece on my skin knowing it came out from my own imagination. And that is meaningful enough for me.
i just heard about a 11 year old girl getting a hillary duff pic tatooed on her. she may change her mind.m ur post reminded me of that, because u said when ur young you might've wanted something you might not want now.
i have looong wanted to get a back piece, but i just cant find what i wangt anywhere. just a butterfly/or wings. big, like my entire lower back. ive recently been thinking of putting wings up on my shoulder blades, not sure what of yet, but i still want my butterfly first. and not meaningful persay, i just find it beautiful, and butterflys are so colorful and about freedom, idk, i guess thta could make it meaningful, just how u think about it i guess
All my tattoos have meaning. I've always thought if nothing else and my tastes change when (if?) i get old then the meaning still stands and the tattoo still has worth to me.
I only have four tattoos.. all meaningful to me. My first one love on the back of my neck "love" was to remind me that I could love again. My chest rose tattoo is the day I was finaly not homeless and I found my family. My two wrists piece a heart let it in and a peace sign with let it out... words my foster mom told me when I was dealing with going threw withdrawls. All felt amazing, all well worth money and pain. I don't think I could just get a random tattoo...
My tattoos all serve as a form of personal reflection, but the levels of meaning range from the scrapbook amalgamation of interests that is my joke leg (including my Calvin and Hobbes which was my greatest influence as a child) to my 'the years do not return' piece which was a memorial dedicated to a friend who alway told me that and died content with his life knowing he had lived each moment to the fullest capacity he could. Not all of my work has a deep embedded meaning throughout it, but all of them are there for a reason.
i have 2. my first tattoo, which is my biggest one i got when i was 19. two years ago. doesn't seem like it was that long ago. its of peony flowers and cherry blossoms. in the middle of it says 'love' with a peace sign in the O. [look at the picture on my profile to know what i'm talking about] the peonies stand for honour and the blossoms an omen of good fortune. i stand on my 2 feet with honour everyday. if you can't speak the truth, why speak at all? the blossoms remind me that even when my life is getting really hard, my good fortune will always come in when i least expect it. love is to remind me that love is above all else. if you don't have love, you have nothing. & i'm a very peaceful person. :]

my second tattoo is of a gemini symbol with a banner in the middle stating mine and my twin brothers birthday. i picked the symbol that i did instead of the traditional symbol because the 2 half circles facing opposite directions represent me and my brother. although we can be VERY different and go our own ways with life and our decisions, in the middle, we are both the same. i love and miss him and haven't seen him in about 8 months. he is in jail.


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