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i have 4 in each ear. bottom holes are gauged to 7/16s and my right tragus is pierced.
i have both sides of my nose, and my septum, although i don't always wear all of the nose piercings at one time cause i think there is just too much going on there
i have my tongue
and both of my nipples

i USED to have my monroe and my bottom lip

the ones i like best on others are nose piercings and nipple piercings
always sexy

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So when you had your tongue done Sarah, how long before the swelling went down for you? My left nipple ring is one of my favorites. :-)

both lobes are 8 gauge, septum is pierced, 8 ga PA. Also had both nipples and an orbital helix but had to take them out :(

well it seems like I've been lost from this place for awhile :{


I only have a few retired piercings which would be my left nostril, monroe, philtrum & lower lip.

I currently have 5 in each ear including right tragus & ears that used to be stretched to an inch but I've taken them out. I have my right nostril, stretched septum, tongue, nipples & hood.

Where is everybody? Anybody have a bridge piercing? Those are my favorite on other people. I wish the skin on mine was a bit thicker so I could get it! right now i'm working on stretching my ears. not sure how far i want to go yet. :)


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