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About two months ago, there was discussion from my boss and the piercer about a way to beef up business for lack of better words. And it was something I never in my wildest dreams thought would be done at OUR shop. But it has. Ladies and gentlemen, we now have laser removal at Oldtown Tattoo.

This isn't to gloat at all. This is to discuss the nature of laser removal. Does it hurt? Is it risky? Are there extensive sessions to the process? I'll try to answer what I can with it.

Recently I got zapped with this beauty of a thing and let me tell you this. I can take clusters of needles, I can take hollow needles, hell I can take razors, glass shards, metal and walk away just fine like nothing happened. But the next time I get laser removal WILL and I mean WILL be my last time. That shit is rather painful in some aspects. After getting shot at for a small period you will go numb and possibly not feel it. But it also depends on what kinda tattoo you're getting rid of. By that I mean black and white or color. But enough of that. Discuss!

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This was for the idea to do a full back piece on me. Naturally I'd get it covered up but the problem is the color scheme is too offbeat for the new back tattoo. So the option that was brought up was use the machine. So the piercer who is the one going to be performing the operations, went to town on me. And I think he fucked up a bit cause I now have three large spots on my back that are 3rd degree burns.
wow that sucks my bro is still goin through removal he is a tatt artist out here and says it hurts worse than tattoos themselves he is gettin rid of stupid stuff he got at like 15 and 16
It's definitely something one needs to put in a considerable amount of time researching before deciding upon an establishment to have it done. If an individual is going to invest the money and are unwaveringly set on having it removed, it is essential to put forth the energy to make sure the procedure is done correctly. My boyfriend has terrible scar tissue left by burns after trying to get a severe mistake fixed as well and has to be extremely wary of the area even several years following.


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