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i want to get an u v tattoo but i was curious if there is anyone who has one or has heard of negative effects

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i was thinking about getting one too.
i don't know much about it.

butttt i know that the old ink that used to be used caused cancer; they obviously don't use it anymore.
and if you want the ink to not be visible unless under a blacklight, its hard.
if you're really pale, the white ink is pretty much invisible on your skin until under a blacklight.
the coloured uv ink does show up under regular light and it just looks like dull colours.

what were you thinking of getting?
i kinda want a biohazard symbol on the side of my neck.
that sounds cool and im not sure yet still thinkin about it
I was thinking of getting a celtic knot on my forehead, just cuz that'd be sick under a black light, and all of my tattoos are celtic, but if it will show up on darker skin i don't think i will
Hey man, I know this is a late reply, but don't do it, some UV inks fade to a yellow colour after a time, not the kind of thing you want on your face.
yeah i had some done in a place whrer i had scars which is generally a pretty bad idea
- but it looks cool where it does light up....i can find out for u- i'm guessing skin candy is the company of the in you're going to have?
I haven't heard of any negative side effects from modern UV ink. I myself have a UV tattoo on my arm and have never had problems with it, and I've had it for a couple years.
A lot of people though want to wait until it has been out for at least 10 years before they try it, that way they can be more certain that the inks are really safe, and that the inks don't slowly cause problems over the years. So all in all, it's really up to you whether or not you want to risk it.
I was going to get a shroom on my ankle wich of course will require alot of color.
any colors to suggest i avoid?
i spoke to a tattoo artist nearby and he's got one on his face, he said that it was hard to get it to show up and required 3 sessions to get it done right and even then it was fading


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