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Hey it would be fuckn koo to share what we are gettin next....and maybe give each other some koo fuckn ideas

MODS FOR FUCKN LIFE    Fuck fingers in the air!


what the fuck u planning next?

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I'm feeling snakebites up next, when I can muster the money! Nothing special/original. Also quite like the idea of a nose piercing but I tried that with an ear stud recently at a party and.. well I put the pictures up on my profile haha

dude   once ya nostrils get healed...stretch it at 00gu in each nostril  totally rocks

OooOo I just got snakebites, I love them; highly recommend them. I've been looking at a nasallang next when I get the $$.

dude that would rock man....u will love the snake bites an nose piercing.  i got 3 in lower lips at 6gu an got my nostrils at 00gu with tunnels.  once ya get ya nostrils pierced dude...start to stretch the fuckers

I'm planning a big ass bat sprawled shoulder to shoulder across my back with "bats forever" written under it to comemorate the 7 and a half months that I was in a residential treatment center. Our group name was the bats.

haha in terms of ink I got alot lined up but first it's always got to be a huuge fucking deathbat across the shoulders. A7X Forever!!

A 3rd eyebrow piercing, a 2nd tongue piercing, and a zombie horse tattoo. And I've got some more tattoo ideas, cant wait to do them.. I also want my genital piercing back, I miss it :( And maybe a bigger earplug and an industrial. Ive got too much ideas, too less money and anything else :/  Its easier to get pierced, because I do them for myself, but tattoos are money, even if a friend makes them.

to get you English lessons lol 


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