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I cant put my mohawk up during school so atm its in a ponytail and I want a differnt hair do and wonder what everyone else does.

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i am of the female persuasion and i usually just wear mine flipped over to one side showing one shaved side. too bad your school is so intolerant. :(
i combed it to the side and got called hitler which ended in a fight hahaha
same shit happened to me!
one time i did a mohawk pompador
I have a clip that I just use to pull the hair out of my face. It kind of looks like a small pony tail on top of my hea just before the hair that goes down to my neck. Dose that make any sense? Its my profile picture.
Or i wear a hat usally something fidel castro like.
put on a beenie!! =D
Bandanna's over top, like Rosie the riveter, or I comb it back into a pomp.
haha, ok, so my hair is suppose to be like that scene look, but I did it it to get the mohawk part, layers at the top, so I can make it scene but I refuse, so I just wear an up brimmed hat and pigtails :P


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