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Soo I'm Curious does anyone else love Type O Negative As Much As I DOOOO? :-)
i mean i have some amazing and insanely amazing punk bands on vinyl and CD
but there was a connection with me & Type O Negative
dunno why? just was to be honest :D

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I do!! I love Type o they are my fav band in the whole fucking world! the highlights of my life were the 2 type o and one carnivore gig i attended and it was a privelage to meet them, even only for a minute! they make the best music ever and peters voice is amazing =) <3 <3 <3
Oh i love type o negative and well when peter steele died i kinda cried : / shhhh dont tell anyone
Lol dude, i cried my face off! =P
Lol i know i had to go to school that morning and every one couldn't understand why id cry for a singer >./body>
ummm cos hes the best!? lol silly school folk!
dyeh i cried over steele dying aswell dont worry


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