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Who has actually seen one? (Or even better, HAS one.)
Stories of them?
People you know that know someone, who knows someone?

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A third nipple is a sign of invincibility.
And how do you know that? >.>
No idea. Pretty sure it said that in like, a James Bond novel or something >.> Sacramanga or whatever his name was, you know the man with the golden gun had a third nipple.
Well if you've never seen anyone with a third nipple there's your proof!
Yeah! :P

I think we should find someone and see if they are invincible.
I've never met anyone with one but If I did I'd demand to touch it.

I WANT TO SEE PICTURES. If anyone has one lmao

when I was googling images of pierced nipples I came across a third nipple piercing and it was interesting lol
Hahaha if I saw one I prolly wouldn't even demand to touch it- I would like involuntarily touch it. No consent.
How do you know that? >.>
He doesn't! Thurr invisable!!
damn me reading these i was gonna say mallrats theif theif she breaking into to my mind and stealing my thoughts days before they occur
I was thinking about posting that....but I thought that it was kinda cheating xD
That kinda looks like someone just got a piercing in an odd spot. D:


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