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What do you have and prefer? Or maybe even them spiffy nipple cover things?

I have barbells and personally, I think they look better then hoops. Especially on women.

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I know, I figured I could rekindle the ol' flame ;D
I don't have any personally, but I think barbells look better on dudes, but hoops maybe for chicks
Really I'm the opposite. My boyfriend Xach has hoops, and Like [email protected] I didn't like hoops that much at first but his grew on me. But I like the barbells best on me.
It's not really off topic lol
But a scary though, my mother does XD
I was going to buy a pair but when I went to get them there was only one in my gauge ):
Mine are 18 cause they are just itty bitty nipples lol but I don't think 14 looks that bad, but yea, I don't think having a 6 gauge hunk of metal through yer nipple is sexy. But that's just me.
Well g's get a better camera, I've yet to see really any shields on people other then my mother xP, but I'm sure I could google it
I will go look for it now!
idk barbells generally look better but hoops are more functional i've found they give more sensation and are more useful in bdsm situations. and as far as gauging goes generally i'ed say 12 but i've actually seen 6's that looked awesome so ofcourse its all depending on who its on.
my nips r at 6 gu now it fuckn rocks but had em at 6 gu for over 2 years i started at fuckn 12 gu
usually i wear CBR in im wearin CBR with big ass balls which rock. i wanna get a pair of spiked balls so they proturde outta my fuckn beater. i usually wear beaters an jeans an most people can see the outline of the ring an deffinately the big assed ring outlined from my beater. when i wear a black beater harder to see the ring but you can see the silver through the material on the ball hell yea

now thinkin of doin a second piercin in each nipple...from the top down...that would be a barbell or somekoo shit
I prefer barbells because they are just more comfy for me. If the mood strikes me, i may go dig out my spiderweb but generally i just wear the barbell. and i have seen the double nipple piercing, where one is vertical and the other one is horizontal, i think it looks pretty cool

i got my nips down to 6 gu an my chick wants me to stretch the fuckers to 4gu; been thinkin for the longgest time of piercing each with a second set...maybe going down.


i usully wear barbelss with big ass balls....which usually show thru my beaters...but sometimes/less often i wear barbells


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