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I thought we should all get to know each other here, maybe get more members in the group and on the network. Maybe we should even have a meet-up.

I'm Eloise/El/Ellie/Elliebee, I'm 16, and I live in in Norwich, England.

Your turn.

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lol by being able to kick the shit out of most people there and no i dont it's a shit hole
Same thing in Battersea. You get looked at like you're a fuckin' alien.

If you look a bit crazy people tend to stay away a good thing i think.....


hey im Antonio im 16 and i live in the lovely little shithole called brinnington wich is in cheshire
hello , im Andrew/andy/pie i'm 16 and i'm from sunderland (if you dont know it its near newcastle)
Allo, I'm Izzy, 16 years of aaaage.
And I'm in Battersea, SW London.
"Reppin' da hood" and all that jazz.
Wow, officially 2 hawks in Battersea.. Nice.
ello iam bass iam 19 origanly from camden london.. but now live in a shite hole called wolverhampton
I'd love to see a huge group of hawk heads invade the tiny dive bar called The Crowbar in Soho London, that'd be a sight.

Hi, how goes it.
Benjamin. 25. Born in london, live in Battersea, sw London. Pretty lame but its got its good points.. I assume.
Conor, mate's call me filthy. 16 *turning 17 tomorrow, fuck.* and from Grangemouth/Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland.

It's a bloody cesspit of Junkies, Benefit thieves who most likely have statues of Thatcher in their rooms to praise her for letting them sponge as they do, and last but not least. The notorious chav group known as 'Y.G.B', Just avoid saturday if you pop for a visit, sunday morning is safe, you'll pass them *hopefully dead from alcohol poisoning...* safely.
Hey I'm Richard / Rykard.

May mates call me Rykard. Got the Nik at Leeds festival 2004 and it stuck. Im from Glasgow and anything else you want to know just ask.
Hey guys, nice to see quit a few londoner's in here, im DA, real name being Kieran im 20 but when you hear my life story youll think i was 30 or something lol, im from north london bit obvious and damn proud of it, love living in london, nice having camden down the street, would be awesome to have alittle social get together would be a great sight and alot of fun, we should try something this summer!!!!


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