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It seems like a lot of our people live in and around London.
So that may be easiest for most.
Howvever, I personally avoid it as if it were the plague.

My reccomendation is Norwich, cos it's lovely, with a small punk community.

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i live right at the bottom of GB.. so i cant get anywhere. but i go to bristol for gigs occasionally
Norwich is definatly reachable for me, as is London or Peterborough (a good cross-road for trains).

Tho it's been a long while since I've been to a meet, I might start shaking in me Converse's...
Ahhh... Norwich sounds like a plan then...

@Baccy: That really sucks. I'm sure if this meet goes well, we could all make it down to Cornwall at some point.
hehe thats cool. =]

rebelion fest wld be good. thinking i might be going next year
Perhaps a meet at a music festival or such? I'd imagine we all like alternative music. So Download or similar would be pretty cool no?
yeah, £200+ ticket is kind of going to get in the way for me at the moment.
That'd be cool, but expensive.
It'd be uber cool if we all met up during the day then went to a gig...
Maybe an ubercool punk band.
brighton for me! always good
London gets my vote... For ease of travel for all of cause..
okay it looks like its been months since anyone has been on this discussion, but now with summer time here i think its time to get this convo going again, london would be perfect for me, as i live in london but brighton sounds like a great idea too as we could all have a good time down there aswell.......... anyone got ideas for a date????
come down to camden lock and meet the old punks and also us new guys on the scene
Because i get homesick when i even cross the Thames into north London let alone outside it. D:


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