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Hello, moved to London recently and need to get my hair cut - im not really confident in doing it on my own, and none of my friends wants to do it , is there anyone who could give me a hand?

I basically just needed shaved on the side...

I can provide clippers and beers (that's for afterwards.... )


can you tell me where you get your hair cut?



(photos of how it and how i'd like it)

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Actually I really need the same haircut too. If I do yours would you be up for doing mine?

sure, have you cut hair before? I've only cut my friend's a couple os times, he was pleased with it - i hope i can do a good job.

when are you free?

by the way i'll pm you with my email address may make things easier :)

Did you get your hair cut ?????


yeah man, managed to get it done, really pleased with it, my friend is coming tomorrow to dye it pink - can't wait! 

cool just done mine red well my my girl friend did it lol

lucky you!!i\m going to visit my mum in the next few weeks so she'll get to do it next ;)


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