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Roight, summers coming up and many in the introduction thread were talking about a meet up so who is up for it? i thought camden would be an obvious place for it and pretty central! anyone up for it? any better suggestions?

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Well, have a good time you lot down there! =)
yep 20th sound gooooood illactaully 'ave money then...
...did the meet up actually happen
i got my dates wrong, im there for the week from the 31st so have days to fill if anyone can give me something to do
yeah i'd come down to hang out and sure we can scrape together a few more of us i dont know if the meet up happened as i missed the date as i had to fly out to the alps, i'm stuck here for the next two weeks so i should probably be back just in time to catch the tail end of your time in camden,
any one else up for coming down?
fuk reddin is on soon, the restarts will be their... also i may be in camdne fer splodgenessabouns but it looks like im goin ta see peter and the ttb instead at the gaff

but fer sure need to go to camden n get rat arsed
cor you have a busy diary ;L
is the market only on on perticular days, the friend im staying with said it was so we cant go but ill get down there for a day for sure.
whens everyone around?
nah the majority of the market is up absolutely everyday its a pretty much permanent fixture, but there are different stalls up on different days,
i'm back in england not this saturday but saturday after i think so anytime after that :)
yeah lol i do, on top of that got more including angelic upstarts on the 18th september @ the garage
Nice, they'll be awesome to see!
fucking cornwall!
hey i just got to london. im here for the week :)
Shit you'll already of left by now right? we still need to sort some sort of meet up
Time for the halloween or more like xmas meet by now.


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