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Roight, summers coming up and many in the introduction thread were talking about a meet up so who is up for it? i thought camden would be an obvious place for it and pretty central! anyone up for it? any better suggestions?

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Xmas meet would be cool.
a punk rock christmas party!!!! im totally on board!!!
right lets actualy do this fucken thing i say we go for like sometime next week cuse its gona be fucken xmas soon so lets just get wrecked for it all
has anything actually happened? i'd be well-up for a camden meet if there is another one :)
nope, this failed big time. but lets sort it out guyssss!!!
na failed major but if your in london theres a few of us normal
Hell yeah just give me a date and location......

BRIGHTON!!! but thats because i live there:) Camden is kind of central though so probs best

come on guys was down camden on saterday saw 6 punks from 3pm to 4am thats sad its all emo's and goths and yeah i got pissed out of my head lol shame i had to do it with goths.......:( :( :(
Brighton would be FAB!


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