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so for us that dont live in america its a bitch to find everithing u like for a decent price so like studs bullert belts jakets and anithing else you want so share with us were the fuck you get your shit

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lol yea i bought some its expensive though but it works so well and i think i found the ultimate mix to keep my hair up it stayed up for a month you use treseme freeze spray first then use the G2be spray ontop then the gel then the spray again it works so well
UR HAIR DID NOT STAY UP 4 A MONTH U DICKHEAD. it was like a weeek (Y) and at readin it had flopped by the end of the 1st night! (Y) as 4 me.... wax or clay, tonne of hairspray, shockwaves, got2b, tresseme, they all work ok, then a lil bit of gel 2 hold it all 2gether, but thts 4 lib spikes (Y)
you cant get good bullet belts in the uk trust me i spent 2 days haha u can get them from america but customs is a fucking bitch
jakets are easy premier leathers doo all kinds they do boots too
studs ebay and studs n but they have to be shipped in but its worth it cos you get likie bags of 100 =]
On the topic of BULLET BELTS i know do them not to sure what the quality is like but most of there stuff is decent takes about a week to deliver .
Bit expensive tho .. heres the link
yeah you can here's the site its pretty good
warrrrrrrrrrrrrt, everyfin in camden is overpriced, luckily im good at hagglein tho, still tho, n im never buyin shit from the legendary boot shop, they dickheads in there :@
INIT 2 everyfin u just sed

this aint darcys sister is it??
LOL sry mate, u know lib spikes all over n fringe... i just assumed lool

so where bouts u from
P town LOL

oakwood (Y)

u got msn
oioi darcy smith??
na but hes a good m8 of mine were droogs
charity shops are the best place for denim jackets
i make all my own t-shirts and patches and stuff so its pretty easy to get what i want.


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