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IF u live in fuckin ny let me knoe i need to go out with some normal ppl

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Nope nope ur not alone. Nyc is the one and only big apple!! the city that never sleeps \m/
You can use the advanced search to find people by city, state, country.

Also, New York probably needs someone to start a group up on the site, which acts like a neighborhood in our city of mohawkedness.
yeah thats what i was thinking...
i used to live all over NYC for several years! I would love to go back but its too expensive :/

....and where did u moved?

i just moved to brooklyn a little while ago

brooklyn? i live  here too....

I live right on the L line me and a few punks r trying to get all of us together

thats great! we should meet up

I'm not in the city, but I am in NY :D Do I count?


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