Mohawks Rock

ANCIENT SPARTAN SOLDIER'S HELMET from 750 years before the birth of Christ. This was the world's first Mohawk from 27 Centuries ago. Those are neatly mowed horse hairs forming the fuzzy strip on top. It is this ancient helmet that modern-day motorcyclists are copying when they glue a hair strip to the top of their helmets to form a Mohawk..

The fact that centuries later, Native American warriors independently adopted a strikingly similar strip of hair left adopt their otherwise shaven heads -- without any possible way of knowing about the earlier Spartan helmet -- provides strong proof that there is something basically inherent in a narrow strip of hair atop an otherwise shaven head that powerfully symbolizes a warrior. Both the Native Americans and the Spartans most likely got the idea from seeing fighting birds with topknots --birds ranging from roosters to blue jays, among others.

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