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my mini freak out...


oh did i tell you? i got a 5.5 on an english reflections paper. (5.5= 150 i think) idk its the highest grade possible!

Wyatt Gooch:



i want to show it to you tomorow. oh, and i got mypractice act scoreback...22


cool! and yoyu wer e…


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when we were little ans the sirens went off we rounded up all the cats and dogs and kids, got a flashlight, pillows, and radio, and sat in my parents closet all night.

now i hear the sirens and no one stops to listen. we could care less if they  think a tornados coming, we're busy, got shit to do and people to see. (or text), or were to damn busy sleeping. its much more fun this way

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music and frankie

my bro frankie denounced me as a sister on christmas. so i stop bothering to do things for him. mama lectured me on how i hurt his feelings by ignoring his feelings, especially when i drive us to school and play music he doesnt like and embarrasses him, especially since SHE doesnt consider music at all and its just trash. talk about not hurting peoples feelings bitch. what the fuck? i dont care if he likes my music, we sure as hell aint gonna listen to fall out boy or eminem on the way to…


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my whole family is embarrassed by me. not because of how i dress or the music i listen to or where i stand in politics, (though they hate that shit too), but for doing all the things we are normally taught.   im 17, i have a job, my license, and a car. i pay my own bills, i always go to school, and i always do my best to pass. i want my diploma. i know where i want to be in 5 years, i know what i believe in, and i dont let people sway me to think otherwise. they cant do most any of these…


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i just de-activated my FaceBook account. i was getting annoyed with it, and people on it, and using it, so bye-bye, adios, and good ridance.

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a lazy day.

it wasnt bad or anything, i thoroughly enjoyed it to be honest. for once, my boyfriend and i just layed in his room all day and slept, not doing really anything and just chillaxin. it was strangly nice.

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