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fark in a bucket..

well dudes und dudettes, last week on my birthday my girlfriend and i walked outside to go take photos and then mission off to go party (she got me an awesome bankie of chronic!!) and then i had that "dude.. where's my car?" moment.. fuckers stole my car right infront of my house, gearlock + immobiliser didnt stop them.. fuck... thats all i said.. then i started freaking out and shaking.. i'm still fucked off cause the stupid motherfuckers never spotted the tracking unit!!! So the awesome dudes… Continue

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the end is nigh

shit oh well.. on Oct 25th, the day after my birthday, my mother will unfortunately shave my hawk.. ive had to many fights with my family about my hair.. and unless by some freak twist of fate/petition/nuclear war/plague .. ill go from mohawk to nohawk.. even after going out for lunch with her yesterday and having her see the amounts of compliments i get, she still picks fights about it.. yes im turning 26 and it should be my choice, but in an afrikaans family you do as you are told or you just… Continue

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relaxing is getting home after work having two of your best friends pop in for a quick hi, having a nice little smoke, taking off your all stars and thinking.. "shit this was one of the weirdest fucked up weekends ever..but it was bloody fun.." all my friends started fighting and breaking up with each other.. dramadramadrama.. then they all get back together again.. (this all while really drunk..) and for some reason i got pulled into most of the fights.. (and still drunk i manage to save all… Continue

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i feel like shit today..

tho my cones slept well lol my head feels like it was in a blender.. i got home last night, whipped out some cron and typed my little tartan heart out about my ex and never saved it.. so i have no idea what i wrote.. had an insane time with my friends, tho i am worried some of them are turning.. scene.. O_o .. i still want to smash a bottle in the one dude's face, he is such a fucking ass. thinks cause he is in a "hardcore" band he can say and do as he pleases, fucking fat-lipped-zit faced… Continue

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