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Haha. So, finally, today i got myself a 'hawk. Of course after sitting in the chair calling my parnets so just to make sure the place could cut it *rolls eyes*. Anyways. As soon as i walked out of the place i got 2 weirded-out stares. Then after i went down to Arby's a 40-something year old guy turned around and just stared at me, then finally said 'i LOVE your hair'. After that he wheeled his father off. Then when i was walking, two chicks were conversing infront of me but when they turned… Continue

Added by AkGirl on January 25, 2009 at 12:08am — 1 Comment

Do i look like a designated babysitter to adults or something?

...Wow. This blogging thing seems to be addicting. And it seems really pathetic of me. But hum ho bum, i'll do it anyways. So now apparently I'M the free-designated babysitter for neighborhood parents when they wanna get trashed. Is my social life so down the toilet bowl now that they automatically think i can watch there kids whenever. Well it is only 3 tween girls...but they are very loud and annoying. wow. come to think of it.....i am pathetic..oh. i think...i think i'm gunna go. i don't… Continue

Added by AkGirl on December 24, 2008 at 4:45am — 3 Comments

Like taking bricks to the face..

Ever had that horrible mood or feeling or just moment in life that it feels like everyone's having fun at your expense? God. This whole month has been like that for me. And it sucks. I can;t even begin on saying what i feel. And no ones gunna look at this so..i guess its fine to just say "nothing. im fine" adn to get over it. I just needed to say something. Sorry. Yep another pointless blog.

Added by AkGirl on December 23, 2008 at 1:18am — 3 Comments

The show went on!

Okay. Bolt Action Beaver, City in Ashes, THE LOST CONCEPT, (and another band that i couldn't understand the name of). SO the original concert i was gunna see canceled on us, so we were all pretty bummed but then The Downstairs decided that the show must go on. And they got a couple of other bands to show. Which was AWESOME!!! I'm really pumped from it. Haha. But the point of this blog was that: I GOT HUGGED BY THE DRUMMER OF THE LOST CONCEPT!! And alll thanks goes to my best friend ANNIKA!!!… Continue

Added by AkGirl on December 13, 2008 at 4:43am — No Comments

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