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StraightEdge mondays meets Metal Mondays

Yesterday was 'metal' monday at this bar in town- Yah right, I got more metal in my sak... Buncha fuckin lameasses screaming because they cant sing or write a good song. Fucking 5 minute breakdowns. Then they play intros in the middle. 

I stopped doing drugs on mondays too. The bouncer lets these three little pussyheads in then stands in the door like "Freeze BITCH". He asks me "whats in your pants sir?" And I had some tight pants. I said "Well thats my d---k !! ^-^" Like I'm…


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2 drugs you never heard of !!

Nalline - A freak drug somebody forgot to make illegal. The best part is it is available without a doctor's prescription. A small dose (5-10mg) feels like you smoked a fuckin blunt of some chronic. Larger doses produce a TRIP. Dizziness, hallucinations, that kinda thing.

Paregoric - More popular in the 20's and 30's (and we all know how fucked up they liked to get) but still used today, this is a tincture of Opium and Camphor.…


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Tha color purple

ENVY... it wears a coat and hangs out in hallways

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Looks like I've awoke

All pissed off cause I was covered in blood! Don't know.. Wont hardly notice.. Today, rough lugging through wilderness followed by half a gram of cheeba. Right to the fukkin gourd. Smoked the rest and cut my side hawk perfectly even, but in half, much like the older days ==8 ) Definitely not gonna repeat last nite. Made great leaps today. Do you attract more flies with sugar or with shit?

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YAYYYYY WEEEE I was on the news ----XD

click the video "lending a helping hand"

I had been trying to get on the news all week cause FOX 11 kept coming and doing stories on the transitional shelter. It was raining so I didn't try TOO hard. Then KCOY 12 came while we were eating dinner and they asked if anybody wanted to be interviewed. I fucking RAN up there, looking like shit and gave a hilarious…


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First time for everything.

Three days ago I got solicited for the first time. Too bad I only had 3 bucks ----XO. I wanted to stick my fuckin head in there and bite that candy necklace SO bad. Then I find out she's sellin it! OH baby!~ I was on the way back to the crash pad and she was all "maybe I can keep you company and chill at your house" and I'm like "I'ts a fuckin homeless shelter" XD

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I want my STD

Not sure if I shared this story yet. I got approached by MTV executives to do "True Life-I'm a satanist". I told them I would respectfully decline, but to come back when they did 'True Life - I'm an asshole jackass.' So who knows, yall might be seeing me on your television screen.

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Le Miserable

I feel like dog shit. Nothing feels good. So I took a personality quiz here's the traits they assigned to me:

trait snapshot:

messy, disorganized, social, tough, outgoing, rarely worries, self revealing, open, risk taker, likes the unknown, likes large parties, makes friends easily, likes to stand out, likes to make fun of people, reckless, optimistic, positive, strong, does not like to be alone, ambivalent about chaos, abstract, impractical, not good at saving money,… Continue

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New custom back patch!!!

I'm gonna have one of these made in the next couple days:

As the sole subject and owner I thereby ascertain all rights therein. And if you want one.....

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Anyone else see nothing wrong?

The other day my mom got mad cause I laughed when she sat in piss. It was fucking hilarious. Nothing wrong at all.

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Death Videos / My ultimate end

Last week I bought four death videos from Chavez Video. Faces of Death 1 & 3, Death Scenes 2, and The Many Faces Of Death. My plan was to watch them all in one chingaso, but I just got a vcr and I haven't seen the last one yet. So far the death scenes one is the scariest. To be fair, at night they are FAR more terrifying. The scariest one I've seen was my first one, Traces of Death. I was all sad when Movie gallery sold it. Probably to some stupid piece of shit.

I kinda want my death… Continue

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incongruous unalike

In all my years I have witnessed many times that a lot of people think they are different. But it is my finding that everyone that thinks they are different is just like everyone else. I am like everyone else purely in a biological sense. As in I gotta eat, seek fulfillment, and I'm gonna DIE ( :ooooooh : ) They say that when you are three years old, you are already in a mindset to know pretty much how you'd like to spend the rest of your life. And when I was in preschool I had few, or often no… Continue

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