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Night In A Siniter 15th Century Derelict Church Called Cold Christmas

Last Night 27 Auguest 2009 was the first time i have ever been down to Cold Christmas which is meant to be one of the UK's most haunted derelict chuches. i had been to Hangman's Hill many of time not to far away from the church, where you park you car on the hill, take of the hand brake and the car goes up the hill rather then down, trust me it really does, but not all that scary to be honest.

Unfortunatly i had never found anyone else brave enough to come down to Cold Christmas with me… Continue

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Extreme Suicide Sports!

"Are You Feeling Depression, Shame, Guilt, Desperation, Physical Pain, Emotional Pressure, Anxiety, Financial Difficulties???

Well Try Extreme Suicide Sports!!!!!!

Only People Considered Insane, Crazy, Mad And/Or Have Suicidal Impulses Applicable. Terms And Conditions Apply.... All Games Likely To Lead To Danger Or Death..."

OKAY.... its a new thing that ive started to do which i have decided to call (ESS) Extreme Suicide Sports. The idea came to me last week… Continue

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iTunes Live Festival London'09

03.07 Young Guns + Fightstar

of course not the biggest bands out there, but they rocked hard so made for one hell of a night. the guy next door to me waslucky enough to win some tickets to the itunes fest for last night with the headlining band being fightstar, you may have heard of them before, its one of the guys from busted who is the lead singer of this new band with a hardcore punk rock sound made a great atmosphere for some serious mossing and crowd surfing, i must say if… Continue

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Rest In Peace MJ, Going To Be Missed By Millions Around The World

The 21st Centery Cyborg.....ive been watching CNN for about 14

hours and still cant believe it, its like im waiting to see a mirical happen, Michael wasnt just king of pop, he was the king of all our hearts, he maybe gone but will live on forever in the lines of every song, in the slick moves of ever dance and most of all in the hearts of all his fans x… Continue

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My Facebook Link

just thought id post my facebook link up on here so anyone feel free to add me, only site other then this one which i use like 24/7 lol, how o earth did i ever keep in contact with people before facebook, ummmm :-/ lol

oh and anyone else feel free to post your links, make alittle thread going here maybe????

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The 21st Centery Cyborg.....

" Homicidal Rage, Couple'd With Suicidal Thoughts..... Your Not An Emotionally Stable Person Are You"

seems i did need alittle mental guidence (shrink being a clesha and all), so yes..... all thanks to my doctor i have been advised to attend sessions with a guidance counselor. you never know this may be a good thing, after all these years i have finally good chance of finding my mind again right??, reality check to come lol........

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Now I Know Why Some Mowies Hate People Touching There Hair!!!!!!!

okay i totally understand now why some people hate other people touching there hawk, went out yesterday out of london for alittle clubbing, only to find that not only was me and me mate the only non-caucasian people in cambridge lol, any way back to the point we had a group of girls who where around me and me mates all night and for some reason felt the need to touch my hawk like every 5 minutes, i got sooo pissed off with it i ended up just leaving the bar and opted for a quite pub........ i… Continue

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Thats The Last Time I Get My Hair Cut High!!!!!

well its been an eventfully couple of weeks, which started with a hair cut that went really bad, if you see my most recent pics my hawk was very long on the back end, loved it as it gave it a totally different look, plus if i was in a rush to do my hair i would just do the top and leave the back, hints the half hawk/half mullet look, sounds weird but does work, anyway i thought id get the back cut down to the same length at the top, make a nice rounded shape when its up, but some how the guy… Continue

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feels like home

first blog on here and almost speechless, its been almost a week and some of the people ive mate on here you would have though ive known for years lol, by far the best site i have ever joined!!!!!! ill be sure to make my next blog alot more intreasting thats a promise.....

Added by Kieran TheBear on May 20, 2009 at 8:45am — 4 Comments

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