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Okej, this with the mohawk is a big dilemma for me. I have wanted a mohawk for almost two years now and I really really really want it! BUT! im afriad...not of what people in the street would think but what my mother would do when I come home with the haircut she fear ( seriously, she fear it!) Ive talk to her about it and she complitly freaked out!
I know, I know, probobly no ones mother is specialy happy when their son or douther comes home with a mohawk and mayby Im just the coward one but its really difficult to choose between somthing I really want and get along with my mother. couse when I cut it she will be so mad and then she will not miss a moment to tell me how ugly i am in it and that I can not go out and show me self in public.The problem with my mother is that she thinks all punkrocker or people with extrem stils are violent and unintellegent but its not like that,
she also tells me that no boy (or girl) will take an intrest in me if I dress the way I want and have a mohawk. the thing with getting a dete is very sensitive since I've never had a relationship in my life and I feel kind of down that no one thinks I am good enough for them.
So what do you think I should do? if somenone has a tip im want to hear it!

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Comment by Giant Mohawk Man on June 17, 2008 at 4:36pm
Have you shown her this site? There are lots of intelligent and interesting people on here, that may or may not help change her perception.

The other thing you can do is spike the side hair down and the top hair up. Its better shaved, or even cut shorter, but I think it will give you and her a good idea of how the mohawk might look before going the dreaded route of scissors.

In the long run, people are attracted to confidence. If its something you really want and you wear it with confidence, then people will find your personality and confidence attractive.
Comment by Bob on June 17, 2008 at 10:21pm
Giant Mohawk Man put it well. My girlfriend, family, and professional business associates took a while to get used to the 'hawk, but they were able to understand that I enjoy the look.
You should see me in a business suit.... :). Personality and confidence are what really make the person.
Comment by Bob on June 17, 2008 at 10:29pm
BTW, I'm half Swedish (the other half is German). There's a little French, English, and Austrian in the gene pool as well. Supposedly I'm related to the Swedish and British monarchies. But basically just a typical friendly American with a 'hawk..... :).
Good luck with the 'hawk.
Comment by Anna on August 20, 2008 at 6:43am
I've found these past weeks that people are cool with it! So many friends and family said "I thought I wouldn't like it, but it actually looks good!" Responses are great, and we're not nearly as liberal as you, yah I have Swedish friend who's awesome.

So maybe keep the top long for spiking, but have a crew cut on the sides? That'd look awesome both up or down, depending on the occassion. ;)
Comment by plastastik on August 20, 2008 at 7:21am
Just do it. Your mom will get used to it eventually and having a mohawk will definetaly not ruin your chances of having a date.
When I first started dressing differently my parents where not happy about it either, but now they love that I'm not afraid to look different.
And like has been said before, it's all about confidence.


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