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So, I made the cut... It took me about a month to get it done. It's hard to coordinate me, hubby, and baby. We ended up going to a friend's house so that they could watch the baby while he cut my hair. It took a lot longer than I planned because he's a bit of a perfectionist.
We just cut it wide and left all the length. I haven't tried to put it up yet. I'm thinking that I should cut it a little shorter and thinner before I try to put it up.
But, I think I'm gonna color it before I cut it. I need color. You can see the grey patches on the sides of my head. Not too cool. But, I need to have a little more hair on the sides before I can color.
I was thinking of doing black with red streaks/tips. I have never done any color other than natural colors, so this is still kinda in the realm of "normal" and I shouldn't have to kill all of my hair to do it.

Not too many people have freaked out over my hair. Everyone at work gave me shocked glances, but didn't say anything. People in public kinda shy away from me, but they did that already since I'm always wearing the baby and I also breastfeed in public.
I'm used to people being weird around me; I used to just shave my head with a 1 guard and leave some bangs...

It is nice to be able to say that I'm sporting a 'hawk, even if it's always down. :)

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