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When I'm insanely bored, I sometimes sit on,
and today I had this long and awesome conversation - actually,
I don't think I've ever had such a long conversation on omegle.
It's not like I'm expecting you to read it all, I even just posted it
to save it somewhere. : D
But feel free to read it if you're insanely bored like I was.
You might find it rather fun. I don't know. :)
Stranger: Are you a virgin?
You: No
Stranger: how old ae you?
You: 16
Stranger: m or f?
You: f
Stranger: do you have a bf?
You: Not officially.
Stranger: frinds with benefits?
You: He lives in UK, so it's not really possible.
Stranger: where do you live?
You: Denmark
Stranger: do you guys send pics to each other?
You: Not such pics.
Stranger: have you had sex with him?
You: ... Again, he lives in another country than me.
Stranger: doesnt mean youve never seen him
You: Uh huh.
Stranger: have you seen him?
You: No. Else, we would probably have had sex.
Stranger: how is he your bf?
You: He's not my bf.
Stranger: what is he then?
You: We're not in a relationship.
You: I just like him.
You: And he likes me. Nothing more
Stranger: ok
You: ... why all these questions?
Stranger: do you see other boys?
You: Not really.
Stranger: when did you lose your virginity?
You: When I was 15
Stranger: have you had sex since?
You: Yea, 'cause I had a bf at that time for almost 15 months..
You: Then I broke up in september.
Stranger: oh, when did you break up?
You: As said, in september. 2010!
Stranger: sorry, it wasnt scrolling
You: Okaaay
Stranger: then you met the brit?
You: No.
Stranger: you ha another bf?
You: My feelings for him died, so I broke up. Then I had something with another guy for a very short time, and then I started talking to the Brit in January.
You: No, I'm not that kinda girl who cheats.
Stranger: did you have sex with the other guy?
You: Yep.
Stranger: do you like sex?
You: I like sex a lot!
Stranger: you seem very melencholy about it
You: Ha, I'm just tired, that's all.
Stranger: oh
Stranger: are you missing sex then?
You: Yea. Haven't had it since October. So I miss it a lot.
Stranger: i bet!
Stranger: do you masturbate?
You: Sometimes, but it's not enough.
Stranger: i know right?
Stranger: do you cum when you do?
You: Most of the times.
Stranger: but it makes you want sex right?
You: It does indeed!
Stranger: whats your name?
You: Why?
Stranger: so i can call you by youe name instead of 'stranger'
You: Call me Kaast, that's my nickname.
Stranger: how did you get it?
You: Uhm... it was a year ago at my friend's birthday. I still had my boyfriend at that time.
Stranger: ah
Stranger: well kaast, im andrew
You: We we're playing Wii when my friend, Alex' phone called. Someone called to say happy birthday and asked what he was doing. "Spiller Wii med Fjols og hans kost" which would mean "Playing Wii with Jerk (that's what my bf was called) and his bitch (or likey)".
You: It's actually hard to explain in english
Stranger: i think i get it
You: And hey there Andrew, btw. I like your name.
Stranger: thanks
Stranger: what do you look like kaast?
You: But then Alex made my character in Wii where he would call me Kost, so bitch, just spelled different but so it's still pronounced almost the same way.
You: Uhm.. piercings, weird hair, you name it.
Stranger: really? cool
You: Uh huh. Only got 3 piercings, but when I get money I'll get some more.
Stranger: you got a pic?
You: well, yea.
Stranger: can i see it?
Stranger: awesome
Stranger: youre really hot!
You: Haha, thank you.
You: Ya, it's a pretty good picture.
Stranger: you look like that and you love sex! youre my dream girl
You: Hahahaha, whaaat, really?
Stranger: yes really
You: I also love cooking.
You: :D
Stranger: i used to be in a heavy metal band, and i love that look
Stranger: omg, perfect!
You: Haha
Stranger: i love eating
You: I'm not really into metal.
Stranger: well, its the hardcore look i like
You: Haha, well thank you
Stranger: its true!
Stranger: wanna come to america and be my gf?
You: Uhm, no, I'm fine with my boy in UK
Stranger: damn!
You: Hahaha
Stranger: wanna come to the us for a one night stand?
You: Haven't got the money for it. And I can get a one night stand here.
Stranger: you are sttely arent you?
Stranger: steely*
You: Steely?
Stranger: like steel
Stranger: lol
You: Hahaha, uhm... I don't know. Am I?
Stranger: you just keep shooting me down!
You: Hahaha aww :P
Stranger: i am trying to say tha you are hot and i would totally do you, and you are just like 'no'
You: My self esteem is low, and it's not possible for you to do me. That's just it.
Stranger: its a nice fantasy, and it may help your self esteem to accept some praise!
You: Another impossible thing.
Stranger: accepting praise?
You: I've had this low self esteem my whole life. A stranger from us can't really help, ya, even my friends can't. I even don't like compliments.
Stranger: is that why you choose a boy in the uk?
Stranger: no chance for face to face rejection?
You: No.
You: And there is a chance. I'm planning a trip to england next summer, to go to the punkfestival Rebellion.
Stranger: and reject the mainstream becasue they just shit on you more?
Stranger: i feel the same way
You: Hm.. I don't know. I'm just comfortable with how I look.
Stranger: is that a casualties shirt youre wearing?
You: Yep.
Stranger: in the pic?
You: Underneath, there's an Exploited top.
Stranger: i saw hem when the openede for dropkick murphys
You: Nice. I've seen 'em twice.
Stranger: have you seen the murphys?
You: And Exploited are playing in april, I can't wait!
You: Aren't they that gypsie punk?
Stranger: irish/celtic punk
You: Hmm... I haven't seen 'em.
Stranger: they are very working class, very good
You: Haha, everyone in Ireland are working class :P
Stranger: lol
Stranger: theyre from boston
You: How could I ever know?
Stranger: i didnt expect you to
Stranger: i just wanted to brag that i saw the casualties
Stranger: thought youd think i was cool or something
You: Hahahahahaha :P
You: I hate when people do such. :)
Stranger: make you wanna take your shirt off, i dont know
You: Lols. I'm not even wearing that much clothes, and I'm sitting in the living room, so no go.
Stranger: ok, your pants, whatever
You: I'm wearing relax-shorts-thingy-things.
Stranger: ok, make you wanna get naked then
You: Still sitting in the living room. And just because you've seen Casualties, doesn't make me wanna get naked.
Stranger: yopu are so combative, its hillarious!
You: Hahahaha, it is indeed :)
Stranger: so get naked!!!
Stranger: dammit!!!
You: What would you get out of it?
Stranger: i cant even say
Stranger: i like being bossy i guess
Stranger: now do it!!
You: Uhmmm..... noo.
Stranger: touch yourself!!!
You: So, I just poked my hand.
Stranger: ha!
Stranger: you did it!
You: Lols
Stranger: youre fun
Stranger: i like you
You: Ya, I wish I liked me too.
Stranger: even though you try to be unfriendly
You: But I'm a bitch, can't live with it.
Stranger: you cant live with it?
You: I don't try do be unfriendly, that's just how I am.
You: To strangers..
Stranger: right
Stranger: and you try a little
You: No.
Stranger: a little, tiny bit
You: Nopes.
Stranger: you hate people?
You: I love my friends and my family....
Stranger: but others?
You: But I don't like strangers who start the first conversation with "are you a virgin?" :)
You: Oh, and then I don't like kiddies.
Stranger: haha
You: And fat, ugly, horny metaldudes...
You: met one on new years eve on my way home
Stranger: so i rubbed you the wrong way right away?
You: He was gettin too close so I ran across the street while really drunk
Stranger: tha sux
You: Just joking, I found it rather fun with all of your questions :)
You: It does. I'm happy I was with my best friend and to of my girl friends.
Stranger: im glad
You: That's good.
Stranger: i am kind of an asshole, so i just try yo ask questions until people get offended
You: I'm hardly offended and easily flattered.
Stranger: falttering you isnt easy from what ive seen
You: It's because I don't show it. :)
Stranger: ok
Stranger: well, youre sexy so there!
You: Ok, I'm confusing, that describes me a lot better
Stranger: probaably
Stranger: if i were there, we would get drunk together
You: I'm poor.
Stranger: thats what us poor ppl do!
You: What?
Stranger: get drunk!
You: But I haven't got the money for it.
Stranger: isnt it the cheapest entertainment around?
You: The cheapest entertainment is you, right now. :)
Stranger: so i am an entertainment?
Stranger: what am i a clown?
You: Sorta.
Stranger: i was gonna do goodfellas, but fuck it
You: Hahahahahaha. :D
You: Cheer up. :)
Stranger: i am happy
Stranger: its ok
You: Hahaha, okay then.
Stranger: ok!
Stranger: i am just trying to get inside of your little shell
You: Oh, it's not that easy. :)
Stranger: i can tell. but ive made progress
You: Uh huh! : D
Stranger: you touched yourself at my command!
You: Ah, yeah, sure did.
Stranger: see, we're like familty now!
You: ... not really.
You: I know n
You: oops
Stranger: huh?
You: I know n o t h i n g about you, since you asked all the questionns
You: But don't tell me to ask questions, cause I suck at it.
Stranger: i am mysterious
You: Aha. Well so am I. People knows stuff about me, but it's not sure that they know me. :)
Stranger: it might lust be the distance, but youre hard to get a hold of
Stranger: but i think you intentionally dodged me a few times
You: I'm sorry, but I like doing such. :)
Stranger: i can tell
Stranger: you showed me that too, even though you didnt want to ;)
You: Lols.
Stranger: this is fun, are you having a good time?
You: Yea, I'm pretty amused.
Stranger: against your will?
You: amused against my will? No.
Stranger: but youre all dark and full of angst!
You: dark? angst? Ha, no. I'm smiling and watching cartoons.
Stranger: youre not a dark personality?
You: No. When people get to know me, I'm a rather happy person. :)
Stranger: its the geting to know thas difficult
You: Well, you're a complete stranger. Of course it's a bit difficult.
Stranger: i suppose
Stranger: i like the anonymity
You: Hmm, ya, I see.
Stranger: its cool because people generally annoy me
You: Do I annoy you?
Stranger: nope
Stranger: anonymity ;)
Stranger: besies, youre pretty cool
You: Ya, I am.
Stranger: and modest!
You: Uh huh.
You: Convo died a bit now.
Stranger: it did, must be your cartoons
You: I don't know, maybe it is.
Stranger: tv rots your brain
You: Too late, I'm all rotten. :)
Stranger: hardly, youre fresh as a daisy!
You: Hahaha, sure. :D
Stranger: i can tell from your pic you smell like roses!
You: I smell like my deo.
Stranger: and roses!
You: I don't see where the roses come from...
Stranger: just trying to be funny
Stranger: too hard i guess
Stranger: you had to be there
You: But it's about me...
Stranger: right
Stranger: that was anther joke
You: and I don't find me, smelling of roses quite funny.. tho it's a joke itself. :)
You: I ruin jokes.
Stranger: i am the joke
You: As said, I ruin jokes.
Stranger: i am not ruined
You: Hahahahaha, jokin. :)
Stranger: you ruined it
You: You see?
Stranger: no, i can only see type
You: Hilarious.
Stranger: what?
You: Nothing, never mind. .P
You: :P *
Stranger: iif you say so...
You: well I do.
You: Soooo it died again
Stranger: Are you a virgin?
You: Yeeesssssss
You: I'm also straight edge
Stranger: cool!
You: Yea totally!
Stranger: me too!
Stranger: and im a transvestite?
Stranger: !!
You: Yea, ofc!
Stranger: awesome!
Stranger: really, i am a 50 year old pervert!
You: Nice. And that picture was of my granddaughter's girl friend.
Stranger: well that works for me! i like em young!
You: Which means i'm like 67 years.
Stranger: i wanna talk to your granddaughter's friend!
You: But I ate her.
Stranger: then i guess you will do
You: Eeehehehhehehehhe yeaaa
Stranger: you will pass, i suppose
You: Hahahahahahah oh lol
Stranger: hum...
You: Trolololololo
You: Ok, I lied to you
Stranger: yup
You: I am my granddaughter's friend
Stranger: oh baby...
You: Hahhaha
Stranger: i wanna spank you for being naughty!
You: No thanks.
Stranger: oh no, you are to be punished young lady!
You: can't you just ground me then?
Stranger: no, i am a pervert, remember!
You: .__.
You: Damn
Stranger: yup, so its the bare bottom spanking for you!
You: Then Imma kick you in the crotch with me boooots.
You: I once kicked a boy in his crotch with them boots.
You: he haven't talked to me since
Stranger: oh, i would like that, pervert remember?
You: godammit
Stranger: i wonder why...
You: Hahahahahhaah :D
You: Buuuut don't be a perrrvvv
Stranger: as a pervert there is nothing i wouldnt like for you to do to me
You: damn...
You: what if I turn into a perv?
Stranger: oh man, i cannot be held responsible
You: lol. I could also just disconnect, would you like that?
Stranger: rejection is pretty powerful, so probably
You: Lol....
You: dammit
Stranger: sorry, thems the rules
You: Ya, I understand..
Stranger: well, i should go. i have a paper to write
You: Oh, really?
Stranger: its been a fun, what like 2 hours
Stranger: yeah sorry
Stranger: i dont wanna believe me
You: I don't think I've ever had such a long and awesome conversation on omegle before.
Stranger: me neither actually.
Stranger: i think youre really awesome
You: I am awesome
Stranger: exactly
Stranger: Kaast
You: Andrew
You: :D
Stranger: that feeels sweet
You: If that's your real name hahaha
Stranger: bye!
Stranger: it is, i promise
Stranger: i will never forget you!!!
Stranger: lol
You: I'll maybe forget you... I don't know... I might will, cause I only know your name and that you've seen casualties
Stranger: yup!
Stranger: bye!
You: Uhm, Byes Andrew.

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