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Walking around town, I see a lot of old people. I don't know if I'm noticing this now, or if it's some recent developement. Frankly I'm sickened. Have us people forgotten how to DIE? It's like these people who contribute nothing to our society except what they consider "witty" social commentary and the acrid smell of moth balls. So they sit there. And because they're old, they get to think it's ok to assume that they're right and I'm wrong about the way I dress, how I act. Meanwhile I'm the one with the job, making a contribution to society while those wrinkly fucks just sit around waiting to kick off, but not really wanting to with all the medication and religion. HURRY UP AND GET IN THE GROUND! MAKE WAY FOR THE NEXT GENERATION! You've ruined the planet's environment and you couldn't care less. you sick jeriatric fucks!

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Comment by Ezekielpoop on December 7, 2009 at 12:59pm
FTW ducan!
Comment by Kobalos on December 19, 2009 at 4:05am
Can't say I trust current and future generations - most end up just the same.

The whole waste of time most people go through just working in a job (for 50 years) to waste time on socialising (for 50 years) and achieving nothing lasting (except for the fleeting moment) that they themselves thought of.

And then they get time off and retired and they've lost their youth putting all their energy into a job doing what someone else wants; that's usually pretty worthless. Then the next generation looks down on them and fall into same conceit that the previous generation ends up with - thinking they are more important, when they are usually just as bad. Contributing to society is often just oiling the wheels of faster waste at present. The grand ideas of making society better have been largely replaced by what makes short-term economic benefits and greater consumerism.

For example, now we have over-consumerism using up resources faster for more goods per person than the previous generations ever could afford because people waste more on the moment now rather than investing in and keeping items for longer. The previous generations made mistakes, just like the new one is now, but they didn't have as much information that we have now.

In the Information Age most still aren't caring about learning to improve things, but instead are even more selfish. Modern generations aren't any better when you look away from one person and to the average. Why? 'Cause we're all humans and we don't change in nature easily unless pushed to it on average either by social pressure or legislation.

The modern generations have lost the concept of self-worth, honour and building their own character - not that I have a rose-tinted view of the older generations being all amazing - a large section of them have the same flaws younger generations have.

The irony is that studies are showing that the elderly mind tends to revert to have similar narrowmindness and intolerance in belief that young adults have. It's almost like the aging degeneration of the mind reverts it to an earlier developmental stage - youth and elderly share more in common at the ends of the age spectrum.


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