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"Are You Feeling Depression, Shame, Guilt, Desperation, Physical Pain, Emotional Pressure, Anxiety, Financial Difficulties???

Well Try Extreme Suicide Sports!!!!!!

Only People Considered Insane, Crazy, Mad And/Or Have Suicidal Impulses Applicable. Terms And Conditions Apply.... All Games Likely To Lead To Danger Or Death..."

OKAY.... its a new thing that ive started to do which i have decided to call (ESS) Extreme Suicide Sports. The idea came to me last week when a mate of mine was driving down the motoway (for those who know it, A10 just out of central london) it was about 2:00AM and the roads were pritty much empty, no lights, no speed camera's and no traffic cops to worry about so my mate Big put his foot down, the car hits 120MPH and Big decides to do the Stare and Drive on me, you know the one from fast and furious when you are speeding down the street and have a stare competition with the driver as he goes faster and faster, so im laughing my ass off while our mate Skits in the back is getting scared fearing the worst, after acouple seriously tense moments we give up and laugh it off, then acouple minutes later i could see a semi-truck coming up ahead, its only two lanes and we are still cruising at 120MPH when a flash from the film Wanted popped into my head, the part when Angelina Jolie is hanging out the side of the car and just misses being hit by a bus (can you guess whats coming?), so in my head im thinking fuck it you only live once aye, i put the window down and stick my arm out the window, the air is moving soooo fast my arm is slamped into the window collum, as we approuch the semi i look at Big, do my evil laugh and say " are you ready for this" he looks at me puzzled but its too late to reply as i literally THROW my body out the window........ everything went quit as could be, the air moving around the car was so strong it was actualy holding me up. from my waist up was completly out of the car and floating in mid-air as we speed past a semi with a gap only acouple inches from my head, but i didnt even notice the semi-truck as for once i had the best view of the night sky, clear as can be with a hand full of stars that where as bright as ever, when i pulled myself back into the car Skits was lost for words, i dont think to this day he can believe what he saw lol, but that was just round one......being that close to the edge was a rush i have only ever had once in my life (acouple years ago in a car crash) and for those few moments it always seems soo worth it, there was no bright light, no hand reaching from the skys and no angelic music, just this one feeling of total freedom, knowing it really didnt matter what happened next, letting faith take care of it all, a burst of emotionless passion for that very moment. i wish i could explain exactly how it felt but there really is'nt any words for it apart the only ones that come ever close are True Happiness and Peace.

I have acouple idea's im throwing about for my next ESS (real chicken with real cars hopefully at high speed is just one )and will deffinatly film and photograph the next and others to follow, but if you have any idea's feel free to post them on here, the more the merryier, lets see how many we could come up with and really get ESS onto the world stage!!!!

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